Echo: A Music-Centered Journal – This online music journal is run by the students at UCLA.  The Editor-in-Chief is a friend and colleague, Gillian Gower.  She is currently at UCLA finishing her post-graduate work in musicology.

Creative Edge Music – I’ve written a few CD reviews for this online music magazine.  Please feel free to visit my Work Samples section for links to those articles.

Philip Ewell – Philip’s specialties include Russian music and music theory, 20th-century music, modal theory, and hiphop and popular music. He has writings published in Music Theory Online, Music and Politics, Journal of Schenkerian Studies, and Popular Music, among other journals.  I’ve also prepared musical examples for a few of his articles, which you can also view in the Work Samples section.

J. Mark Scearce – “His uncanny ability to create melody, to marry melody to words, and to forge combinations of the two to convey emotions or drama or suspense or awe has long set him apart from many of his peers.” CVNC, October 2012