About MPS

Music Preparation Services is a one-man operation, serving the New York metropolitan area.  I provide various musical services, tailored to your needs, and exported to you in a very efficient, and prompt time.  Musical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Score engraving
  • Score editing
  • Part extraction
  • Transposition
  • Transcription
  • Studio set up and workflow
  • Composition/Commissions
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Lessons

Music Preparation Services is run by me, John Licari.  I am a public school music teacher working in the New York City Department of Education, teaching grades 3-7 general music, concert band, and pop music combo.  I’ve received my M.A. in Music Education, and my B.A. in Music both from Hunter College.  I also had earned my A.A.S. in Music Business from SUNY Orange.  Currently, I am working on a second M.A. in Music Composition from Hunter College.

It was at Hunter College that I really developed a keen interest in music copying.  I took on many projects to try to hone in my skills.  I was asked by members of the music department to transpose vocal pieces, extract parts from scores, and even engrave scores.  These skills have since become the corner stone of my business.  Through the years, I’ve increased my workflow, and efficiency to yield customer satisfaction ratings from many music professionals.

As a performer, I am primarily a percussionist.  I’ve played drums, or percussion for punk bands, jazz ensembles, symphonic orchestras, pit orchestras, marching bands, and chamber groups.  As a composer, I’ve had pedagogical pieces published through HaMaR Percussion Publications, and Alberti Publishing.  As a writer, I’ve had reviews published for the music blog Creative Edge Music.  My copyist work have been published in books and online journals.