Monthly Archives: July 2014

Mid-Summer Updates

I hope you’re all doing well.  I have some new things in the works for the coming school year as well as the rest of the summer.

1.  I will once again be doing musical examples for Philip Ewell on an article he is writing.  If you haven’t seen his previous articles that I did musical examples for, please visit the Work Samples section of my website, where you will find two articles written by Mr. Ewell.

2.  I just took a course, Composing & Arranging for School Bands with Scott Watson, who is a contracted composer with Alfred Music, does a podcast “What Music Means To Me,” teaches for the Parkland School District in Pennsylvania, as well as various summer college programs.  The course was very interesting, so you can expect to see more band music coming out of this website.  Anyone who wishes to commission me for a band project, will get a major deal (free).  Just email me at for more information.

3.  I will be using both Sibelius 7, and Finale 2014 in my studio.  The fighting has stopped, and we’ve shaken hands, and decided to work together.  It’s like In Karate Kid, Part II when Miyagi, and his old friend Sato made amends after the hurricane, when Miyagi saved his life.  It’s exactly the same situation…

4.  On the lighter side of things, I saw a Yankees game, Mets game, The Bouncing Souls, and Huey Lewis & The News so far this summer, and before the summer ends, I will see Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Offspring, and The Vandals in Boston.  I might go see Propagandhi, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ll keep you all abreast of any other musical endeavors.